PeopleString - ‘Where You Own the Web’. It is the new wave in relationship and social communities; it has the Creativity, Culture, Expressive Forums and places to meet new people and network; but now it combines all that with giving you a share in the revenues that are created by the users of the website.The ‘other’ social sites keep all of the money for themselves and never give any to their users. They are making millions off of your actions and keeping it all. PeopleString shares the revenues that are generated by its members. This is unique for online social communities. Who other than PeopleString gives its members back 70% of the revenues?

Qondio - you can add unlimited web pages without having to add reciprocal links to your site, exposure for each web page as you want। All you need do is add the Intel. Abbreviation for "intelligence", Intel is part of potentially useful information. Qondio rewards users who add Intel in three ways. Exposure! Each Intel includes mention contributing to the page, with the prominent link (screenshot) on the web page. The more the addition of Intel, to get more exposure for your website. You receive 100% of advertising revenue on that page. This means that owners of websites have triple incentive to set up Intel.