APSense - is a business social network in the growing membership base of business professionals. This is an opportunity for you to build your own private social network as a profitable business and exchange ideas with other business owners. Earn! Create your own groups, to generate new ideas and opportunities to sell products! 've Also paid the construction of their own quality content within the social network display type, blogs, networking, etc. .. allowed to sell or display ads within your content. More content to make more money you earn! APSense commissions paid by check or PayPal.

Sidetick - Sidetick is a social networking site, that pays it's users to participate. 
You get a dollar for signing up, a dollar when you sign up a friend, and twenty five cents for six levels under that, when their friends of friends join. They pay you to look at new pages, and when your pages get viewed. 
Sidetick commissions paid by PayPal.

SiteTalk - SiteTalk gathered their best features into one great community! The first in the world site, which brought together MLM, internet community, and classic marketing! 
Join the community, enjoy networking, buying and use products, earn money, build a global business and qualified for a property in one of the most exciting business of our time. SiteTalk is a social network site, a product of Uniaco Ltd (United Nordic Alliance Investment Company) which sits under a bigger umbrella called The Enigro Group.
Unaico Ltd - is a powerful and comprehensive business, which combines social networking (social network), Direct Selling (direct sale), professional development, financial education, and investment share in the products. Each of these examples builds enromno great job. Combining them together, have the potential to build a global business faster than anything that has so far been seen in the world.