Community Marketing University - the front door for your business Internet marketing and can be used as a communications hub. One way to be advertised for membership is to connect to as many people and start a personal relationship with them. You will also find many other tools available to communicate with your contacts on CMU7. As a member you can use IM (Chat), and Live Chat feature. Elite and VIP members have access to advanced marketing tools such as automatic recording systems and MYVO Conference Rooms. Community Marketing University (CMU7) offers a unique opportunity to earn our 4x7 Forced Matrix without paying anyone. You are not required to sponsor anyone. Of course, if you decide to promote your CMU7 networking will build faster.

YourNight -  is Social Media a new and innovative social networking site with an added twist, profit sharing. It is FREE to join with an option to upgrade to a Gold Member for $10 per month. There is no requirement to upgrade and members may remain free forever if they wish to do so. Free members have the ability to earn commissions, but the earning potential increases dramatically for Gold members.YourNight  has also combined those same social sites, along with email, networking, travel, shopping, entertainment, banking, etc…… all on one website.

Flixya - the social network is good for the exchange of images, video, blogs and more ... It should be noted that all the elements that you will set up and contribute to the social site traffic with Google ads. But not just any Google Ads - Your own Google ads. It is a social network that users have earned 100% with Google Adsense.