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Most social networks rely on advertising to increase revenue.
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Who really attract advertisers to the sites of social networks and makes them attractive for advertising?
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I found a few social networking sites, you'll pay!

Here's how it works.
These sites will pay a percentage (some up to 100%) of revenue from the ads to your social site.
For example, suppose that the social networking site generate a total of 10,000 page views per day and your social networking site has greatly contributed in 1000 views of this page.

That would mean traffic sites 10% of their total page views.
Means 10% of the total revenue from advertising social networking sites is because of you.
This allows to say that one day these social networking sites make the total ad revenue of $ 10,000.
If your site makes 10% of traffic, then you earned $ 1000 that day.
Of the total income of social networking sites, they will give you a percentage of that income.
Thus, suppose a social networking site pays you 10% of the revenue that you have made traffic.
In the example this site would you pay $ 100 for the traffic to your social network site of the 1000 visits that day!
Even better than that!
Most of these sites pay you to set the posts and pay you for marketing network, visits and all the recommendations you acquire.
In other words, if you refer others to join, your payment becomes exponentially! You will be paid for actual traffic their site!
Oh not again some pyramid scam!
I know, I know that you tried so much.
The reason why most people fail recommend programs is because they never do not show exactly how to get these recommendations.
Sometimes it is just a pile of tips that are not sorted.
Sometimes they do not want to know the real secret and will only show you a few things.
I will teach you literally!
In each of the social networking site was launched in Free program training.
The basic idea is to join as many and that we share the revenue of social networking sites can be used for marketing depending on the work you do, or just for fun and pleasant acquaintance.
People who've met on a social network site, specify the other options of social site that pays you.

The best part is that people who are trying to achieve this on a level.
Are located on the site that pays you for socializing and are almost always willing to help others.
I'll learn you the exact step by step how to find referrals.
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