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Most social networks rely on advertising to increase revenue.
The more advertisers to make more money.
Advertisers want to advertise, where there is traffic.
The more people and activities, the more they want to advertise.
Who really attract advertisers to the sites of social networks and makes them attractive for advertising?
Social sites need us or will not get revenue from advertising.
Our ongoing sections are valuable for the social networks site.
Advertisers will advertise on their site, because it has traffic and you are part of the traffic.
We are actually bring revenue as part of your active profile to them!
The more views and visitors you have more traffic a site.
In essence we have created most of the work.
So, why you do not pay?
Simply, we know that we are doing all the work!
No one we never said that we are being paid for it.
What more, in locations that you probably never paid for and will not.
Now you know this well kept secret!
This program will show you how to get your check.
The program takes you step by step and show you exactly what you need to know.
I will show you the necessary tools and training for this job.

I found a few social networking sites, you'll pay!

Here's how it works.
These sites will pay a percentage (some up to 100%) of revenue from the ads to your social site.
For example, suppose that the social networking site generate a total of 10,000 page views per day and your social networking site has greatly contributed in 1000 views of this page.

That would mean traffic sites 10% of their total page views.
Means 10% of the total revenue from advertising social networking sites is because of you.
This allows to say that one day these social networking sites make the total ad revenue of $ 10,000.
If your site makes 10% of traffic, then you earned $ 1000 that day.
Of the total income of social networking sites, they will give you a percentage of that income.
Thus, suppose a social networking site pays you 10% of the revenue that you have made traffic.
In the example this site would you pay $ 100 for the traffic to your social network site of the 1000 visits that day!
Even better than that!
Most of these sites pay you to set the posts and pay you for marketing network, visits and all the recommendations you acquire.
In other words, if you refer others to join, your payment becomes exponentially! You will be paid for actual traffic their site!
Oh not again some pyramid scam!
I know, I know that you tried so much.
The reason why most people fail recommend programs is because they never do not show exactly how to get these recommendations.
Sometimes it is just a pile of tips that are not sorted.
Sometimes they do not want to know the real secret and will only show you a few things.
I will teach you literally!
In each of the social networking site was launched in Free program training.
The basic idea is to join as many and that we share the revenue of social networking sites can be used for marketing depending on the work you do, or just for fun and pleasant acquaintance.
People who've met on a social network site, specify the other options of social site that pays you.

The best part is that people who are trying to achieve this on a level.
Are located on the site that pays you for socializing and are almost always willing to help others.
I'll learn you the exact step by step how to find referrals.
Once you find them easy to make the Social Networking site that pays you!
And without a lot of work and effort spojeći comfortable with useful it would be stupid not to try.


I will give you a list.
Step-by-step free training program.
You will send and receive messages and comments on social network sites.
That is really all you do ...



What are you waiting for?
This entire program is free!



APSense - is a business social network in the growing membership base of business professionals. This is an opportunity for you to build your own private social network as a profitable business and exchange ideas with other business owners. Earn! Create your own groups, to generate new ideas and opportunities to sell products! 've Also paid the construction of their own quality content within the social network display type, blogs, networking, etc. .. allowed to sell or display ads within your content. More content to make more money you earn! APSense commissions paid by check or PayPal.

Sidetick - Sidetick is a social networking site, that pays it's users to participate. 
You get a dollar for signing up, a dollar when you sign up a friend, and twenty five cents for six levels under that, when their friends of friends join. They pay you to look at new pages, and when your pages get viewed. 
Sidetick commissions paid by PayPal.

SiteTalk - SiteTalk gathered their best features into one great community! The first in the world site, which brought together MLM, internet community, and classic marketing! 
Join the community, enjoy networking, buying and use products, earn money, build a global business and qualified for a property in one of the most exciting business of our time. SiteTalk is a social network site, a product of Uniaco Ltd (United Nordic Alliance Investment Company) which sits under a bigger umbrella called The Enigro Group.
Unaico Ltd - is a powerful and comprehensive business, which combines social networking (social network), Direct Selling (direct sale), professional development, financial education, and investment share in the products. Each of these examples builds enromno great job. Combining them together, have the potential to build a global business faster than anything that has so far been seen in the world.


Community Marketing University - the front door for your business Internet marketing and can be used as a communications hub. One way to be advertised for membership is to connect to as many people and start a personal relationship with them. You will also find many other tools available to communicate with your contacts on CMU7. As a member you can use IM (Chat), and Live Chat feature. Elite and VIP members have access to advanced marketing tools such as automatic recording systems and MYVO Conference Rooms. Community Marketing University (CMU7) offers a unique opportunity to earn our 4x7 Forced Matrix without paying anyone. You are not required to sponsor anyone. Of course, if you decide to promote your CMU7 networking will build faster.

YourNight -  is Social Media a new and innovative social networking site with an added twist, profit sharing. It is FREE to join with an option to upgrade to a Gold Member for $10 per month. There is no requirement to upgrade and members may remain free forever if they wish to do so. Free members have the ability to earn commissions, but the earning potential increases dramatically for Gold members.YourNight  has also combined those same social sites, along with email, networking, travel, shopping, entertainment, banking, etc…… all on one website.

Flixya - the social network is good for the exchange of images, video, blogs and more ... It should be noted that all the elements that you will set up and contribute to the social site traffic with Google ads. But not just any Google Ads - Your own Google ads. It is a social network that users have earned 100% with Google Adsense.



FriendsForCash - pre-launch phase and got great momentum! There are many ways of creating money. You can play games, earn points for activities like bloging, commenting on its friendly profile, networking, etc.. which you can later redeem for cash.

Gather - different from other social networks. Instead of talking about "hot topics", the members here discuss everyday topics. You can have intelligent conversations about the world around you, and share them with friends and family. Depends on who your interest topics: politics, music, cooking, film? Depending on the topics users are costly to write about it. Pick up the selected group, has plenty of room to explore new things and find people who share your interests. Gather is a social network for the over-30 years. This is because with raised social networking - a place where odrasta and keeping with the people. How to spend your time enjoying the community, Gather rewards you with points. This can be converted to cash as a gift card to places such as Starbucks, Target, and - or to pay via PayPal.



GlibLink - you can promote yourself, with your products and services, online network of one thousand entrepreneurs from over 170 countries. Over $ 7,000,000.00 in commissions paid to members. With your free membership you can start earning immediately! Earn all of your content online: Videos, Photos, Blog, Free Ads and networking. So start by offering free memberships by sending people to update giblink page. Although the Internet site with free membership offers the opportunity to sign up directly for Salaried Professional membership. Start giving free membership with your new gibRS page!


Metacafe - is similar to other social sites for viewing video such as YouTube but with several differences. Including the elimination of duplication, filtering content for adults and Producer VideoRank awards. VideoRank system viewer reactions to videos in order to prove who is the most popular. In addition, Metacafe pays video creators for original work. Video that has a certain threshold of visits and VideoRank results through its Producer Rewards program.

MyLot - the social network that pays you to create and respond to different themes as well as to transfer photos. This is a friendly community that is on the Internet for years. You can earn unlimited building networking. This social community pays through PayPal or


Rotatrix Friends Network - wonderful for all, new users and experienced Internet marketing, to be able to socialize and create a relaxed income. This is a great social network held for personal and business relationships. Rotatrix even has a built in system of traffic exchanges, so you can promote products and programs you enrolled. It also has arcade games with over 400 games for hours of fun! Rotatrix network is the process of payment through PayPal or RotatrixPay. The primary ways that you can earn money by gaining "points friendly 'and' Arcade points.

Sokule - Sokule is a social media and advertising platform with a business opportunity attached to it.
Sokule is fast becoming the in-place business people go to reach other business people, share ideas, projects and information, and make money. It offers members a range of powerful marketing tools that leave other sites in it's dust. This site helps you contact even more people by adding a mailing list you can use.
Sokule members earn commissions when others upgrade under them and each level of membership gives more and more access to the state-of- the-art web 2.0 marketing tools added each month.

Swom - The Social Networking Site For Marketers is a fantastic place to start your advertising campaigns, its also a great place to hangout meeting new friends from all over the world, sharing business ideas, promotion techniques and having fun and of course making money!


SalesSpider - you can use as a social network for the extension of personal networking, posting videos and live communication and a place for free placing an ad. Fast and free access to more than 30,000 shops and business opportunities. Sales Spider works with over 75 governmental agencies and departments to provide business tools, resources and information to help small businesses. Sales Spider Technologies offers two different options. Allowing more space for advertising digital media like banner ads, e-newsletters, e-mail, co-registration, webinars, video, advertising, custom messages and custom sponsorships. Solution that gives the pages are fully functional tasks of social network in 30 days. This platform allows you to launch campaigns to connect with the base of the current 500,000. Ideal for companies that sell products.

Squidoo - the popular way platform and community that makes it easy to create online। Lenses are one, kind of like a leaflet, signposts, or review articles, which bring together everything you know about your topic of interest. Fun and powerful way to share their interests, build your online identity and credibility, and connect with new readers and friends. It's all free, even you can earn! Squidoo makes money from ads and affiliate links. Gives 5% of what it earned, retains 45% to cover getup costs. Prominent features are that it is easy and free development of a website and to earn a set fee for a good content. Almost 40% of all Squidoo donates royalties that are earned. There are more than 900,000 Squidoo pages.

TalkMoola - is one of the most advanced social networking platform that provides more than just networking. With TalkMoola you can connect to others, advertise, learn from the large collection of training videos, ebooks, etc. - and even earn money having fun with others! All trying to be the only richer. With TalkMoola can be smarter and richer!


Zion5 - the home for all us online money makers to build contacts, share ideas and research websites. From beginners to professionals everyone can earn money online, anyone can access because it is completely FREE. A revolutionary new contact maker, you can create a contact list of people in the community. Send messages to each other online without receiving a 1000 e-mail to your inbox. Review, promote or comment on web site affiliate program. As Facebook or MySpace, but that pay. Communities earn money, where you can share ideas, your website and much more!

Yuwie - The first social network that pays its users. Currently have around 800,000 members and growing. Have a share of the revenue and the network where you get a great social connection, and users paid networking with huge 10 levels. This social network is similar to Myspace only much better because they are members paid contributions for the activities and growth of the community. Yuwie is great for personal and business networking. The process of payment by check or PayPal



PeopleString - ‘Where You Own the Web’. It is the new wave in relationship and social communities; it has the Creativity, Culture, Expressive Forums and places to meet new people and network; but now it combines all that with giving you a share in the revenues that are created by the users of the website.The ‘other’ social sites keep all of the money for themselves and never give any to their users. They are making millions off of your actions and keeping it all. PeopleString shares the revenues that are generated by its members. This is unique for online social communities. Who other than PeopleString gives its members back 70% of the revenues?

Qondio - you can add unlimited web pages without having to add reciprocal links to your site, exposure for each web page as you want। All you need do is add the Intel. Abbreviation for "intelligence", Intel is part of potentially useful information. Qondio rewards users who add Intel in three ways. Exposure! Each Intel includes mention contributing to the page, with the prominent link (screenshot) on the web page. The more the addition of Intel, to get more exposure for your website. You receive 100% of advertising revenue on that page. This means that owners of websites have triple incentive to set up Intel.


Qyao - set out to create the Social - Economic Network, harnessing the power of Internet-based social and economic networks to directly benefit the Members who help to create the community.
Qyao brings money to its Members in many ways:
Advertising: Banner network itself displays banner ads that are targeted based upon the websites you're visiting. When you click on an ad, make an impression and/or make a purchase, Qyao receives a referral fee, which we pass on to our Members.
Classifieds: When you post small classified ads you'll make money. Ads around your classified ad will contain your ID so that Qyao knows who to credit. Post as many classifieds you like, more of them you post more money you make. Ads must be submitted in appropriate categories and for appropriate areas.
Forums: When you post threads you'll make money. Ads around your thread will contain your ID so that Qyao knows who to credit.
Blogs: When you'll post blogs you'll make money. Ads around your blog ad will contain your ID so that Qyao knows who to credit. Post as many blogs as you like, invite others to discussions.
Referrals: Qyao pays you 1.00 per active Member you refer. You'll get paid recurring each month for every active Member (Members can't just signup with multiply accounts and have no activity). Qyao pays you 5% from all revenue from your referrals (10 tiers) from 10 levels below you. Refer your family, friends, neighbors and colleges. Just to be present with a little activity it can bring you easy couple of hundreds per month. Commissions paid by check or

BizzyBlogs - world best entrepreneurial business network - a global market for your business for FREE. Thomas Richmond here provides the best of both world, a social network that is functionally better than MySpace, and video uploading and sharing such as YouTube. Plus, he added custom glitters and graphics site, so you get everything under one name. Networking with thousands of users on other businesses in search of an affiliate network! Sign up, pay by further networking and 1% of the revenue the company will be paid to free accounts of members!

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Join and within each page looking for the club which is called Social Affiliantes Network or Social Affiliate Network.
Follow the instructions and there you will learn how!