Rotatrix Friends Network - wonderful for all, new users and experienced Internet marketing, to be able to socialize and create a relaxed income. This is a great social network held for personal and business relationships. Rotatrix even has a built in system of traffic exchanges, so you can promote products and programs you enrolled. It also has arcade games with over 400 games for hours of fun! Rotatrix network is the process of payment through PayPal or RotatrixPay. The primary ways that you can earn money by gaining "points friendly 'and' Arcade points.

Sokule - Sokule is a social media and advertising platform with a business opportunity attached to it.
Sokule is fast becoming the in-place business people go to reach other business people, share ideas, projects and information, and make money. It offers members a range of powerful marketing tools that leave other sites in it's dust. This site helps you contact even more people by adding a mailing list you can use.
Sokule members earn commissions when others upgrade under them and each level of membership gives more and more access to the state-of- the-art web 2.0 marketing tools added each month.

Swom - The Social Networking Site For Marketers is a fantastic place to start your advertising campaigns, its also a great place to hangout meeting new friends from all over the world, sharing business ideas, promotion techniques and having fun and of course making money!